The Pond

The Pond


Are Lothe Kolbeinsen: guitar

Torstein Lavik Larsen: trumpet, percussion

Ulrik Ibsen Thorsrud: percussion/drums

Evelina Dembacke: video and light design

The Pond is our new production for children of all ages, and has been in the making since 2017. But, because of logistics, pregnancies, illness and a pandemic, it's been an exeptionally slow-moving project.. And it seems we'll finally finish it by the end of 2021. Hopefully..

The idea came about after a visit to the exceptional Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy.


In short it is an audiovisual piece that draws inspiration, both visually and musically, from the Modernist movement i western art from the 1920s to the 60s, from the Dadaist to the Fluxus-movement. We are all fascinated by this exciting and artistically expansionary period, and were set to collaborate with the Mus-e Italia Onlus to present the piece to children in Italian schools. Unfortunately, for amyriad of reasons, it fell through, but the idea lived on and we are now realising it in Norway.

The performance will be like a kind of dream -a night in the museum where you fall like Alice (in Wonderland) through references from art history, where they are deconstructed, glide apart and gather in new forms.

In addition to gaining insight into modern visual / musical art history, the children will be taken into the supernatural or the dreamlike - as an introduction to a surreal space controlled by the performers. Darkness creates a sense of infinity, where unpredictable visual elements appear in interaction with the music and create the impression that anything can happen.

It is still very much work in progress, and it might have to take on a slightly different format than originally planned because of the pandemic, but we are very excited to finally be working on it!

Watch this space!

Ensemble neoN

About Evelina Dembacke:

Evelina Dembacke works with light art, lighting design and video visuals mainly for stage. Her artistic work moves in the borderland between lighting and photography. Evelina is working crossdisciplinarity together with artists in the field of dance, theatre, visual arts and music.

Evelina is educated in production management. She is producing performances in collaboration with other artists such as the artist collective Oslo Koreografiske where she has been part since start in 2017. Their first performance “We Are Symphony” was created for children 0-3 years and adults. Oslo Koreografiske are currently producing the new piece “Soft Machine” for children 3-6 years, the play will be premiered in the spring of 2022. More information can be found at

Evelina is also part of Studio Silk Collective - the crossdisciplinary association in Jönköping. The artist collective is currently producing the piece OH 10 - a performance including two dancers, one visual artist, one light artist and ten over head projectors.