Mariano Bulligan: cello, voice and electronics


Are Lothe Kolbeinsen: guitar

Torstein Lavik Larsen: trumpet, percussion

Ulrik Ibsen Thorsrud: percussion/drums

We have been working with composer and cello player Mariano Bulligan since 2013 when he had a residency at Notam/Pnek in Oslo and Bergen. He needed some local musicians to play his piece nOdes, and Parallax, among others, were brought in to assist. We hit it off immediately, both on a personal and artistic level, and have been working regularly since.

Mariano Bulligan is a very versatile musician. In addition to being a cellist he also sings and works with electronics, and he feels as at home in playing Bach and singing madrigals as he does in creating industrial electronic soundscapes and singing italian pop. This versatility, combined with his musical open-mindednes, makes him the perfect partner for Parallax.   

Another thing he brings to the table is a wide network of Italian artists and musicians, and a lot of good ideas. In fact, Parallax + Bulligan has become kind of an artistic collective:

We have done three tours collaborating with different Italian artists like: Evelina Dembacke (lights/visuals), Loredana Antonelli (live video), Alberto Novello (electronics/modulations), Paolo Pascolo (flutes), Dob Orchestra, Andrea Gulli (live electronics), Elem (electronics) and Felice Tagliaferri (sculpting). We have done masterclasses on electronics and improvisation at the Conservatory in Trieste. There is also an interesting work in progress with the Guggenheim-Foundation in Venice and the Mus-e foundation to present contemporary art and music to children in schools in Italy.

In 2018 we are planning a tour where we are doing a sound/light/projector concert/installation in three of Italy's great caves.

Mariano Bulligan

About Mariano Bulligan:

Mariano Bulligan is an Italian cellist, singer and electronics artist. He composes and performs for contemporary theatre, poetry and different projects like Agrapha Dogmata: a fusion of music, contemporary dance and visual arts; in improvisation ensembles like DOB Orchestra and International Orchestra Brez Meja/Without Borders. He plays and records with «100 cellos» by Giovanni Sollima, with ORKA. He collaborates with Chinese guitarist Hu Bin in the Extático Duo, where they explore contemporary and classical repertoire for this peculiar instrument combination, also working on the arrangements. They have played several festivals in Italy, Austria and Estonia. He has worked as Chamber Music Collaborator at Mozarteum University in Salzburg (Austria) and at Sandor Vegh Institute for Chamber Music as winner of EU Leonardo Program – Work With Music. He collaborates with different orchestras.

As singer with his band Mr. Bulligun Funk Rock Society in 2016 he premiered the Waterscape of the Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre, performed at Shanghai International Art Festival and Beijing National Library Concert Hall, He sings in classical productions as Carmina Burana (Carl Orff) where he was counter-tenor soloist and enjoy to perform baroque music; he also conducts choirs and improv choirs.