New album: Skogen/Asken.
2CD with Anne Hytta. Out 01.09.2019
Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum, Oslo (photo by E Nilsson)
The Pond
photo: Andreas Ulvo
The Pond
Anne Hytta Østmarkkapellet
DiSko exhibition spring 2019
Album recording in Akranes Lighthouse
With the amazing Yumiko Tanaka @ Airegin, Yokohama
Halloween in Tokyo :-)
Photo by Chris Erlbeck
CCSP, Sao Paolo
Trieste, Italy



Kristine Tjøgersen: clarinets

Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen: percussion

Ida Kristine Zimmermann-Olsen: saxophones

Are Lothe Kolbeinsen: guitar

Stian Omenås: trumpet, percussion

Ulrik Ibsen Thorsrud: percussion/drums

Evelina Dembacke: video and light design

PARALLAX & Ensemble neoN
Despite approaching the contemporary music scene from opposite ends of the spectrum: Parallax are improvisers with jazz backgrounds and neoN are classically trained, Parallax and Ensemble neoN have similar approaches and aspirations, and have both established themselves as ensembles involved with cross-genre projects, collaborating with visual artists, performing artists and others to produce new and exciting works. The idea of collaborating came about in 2015 when Kristine Tjøgersen was invited to join Parallax on tour with light/video artist Evelina Dembacke. Her musical perspectives, thoughts and ideas clicked with Parallax/Dembacke and resulted in new and exciting music. The idea of a Parallax+neoN project was born. Considering both groups’ history with working across artistic forms, it seemed like Including Dembacke’s work would make an interesting, and common starting point. And the Parallax 10-year anniversary was a great opportunity to perform the piece.

This resulted in the piece called "Flimmer": In Flimmer Parallax+neoN are exploring how the parallel making of visuals and music may affect the direction of the piece. Moving between the improvised and composed, and through the use of extended techniques and found objects they seek to eliminate the traditional roles of instruments and explore the fringe areas of music. Through an egalitarian structure and common effort (all 6 musicians are credited as composers), sketches, ideas, structures, textures and techniques have been exchanged, kneaded and processed with a goal of challenging and deconstructing individual musical choices and expression to arrive at a common sound unique to Flimmer. Thus, it has become a piece of personal and common development and exchange, process and perspective. Reflective of the meaning of the term Parallax:

Parallax, in short, means the difference between perspectives. For example, looking at an object alternately with one eye at a time, it will look as if the object moves. The apparent movement is a result of the parallax between the eyes. The term is also used in the philosophy of looking at an idea/thought from different perspectives.
This is a good picture of both Parallax and neoN's ethos: The most interesting music occurs in the flux field between the encounters of our musical choices and perspectives. As is the case in Flimmer.

The full video/audio production will be released sometime during autumn 2019.

Ensemble neoN

About Ensemble neoN:

Based is Olso, Norway, Ensemble neoN was formed by Jan Martin Smørdal and Julian Skar in 2008. Comprising nine musicians, two composers, and a conductor, neoN aims to present music at the highest level possible, focusing on Norwegian and international works,

and has been involved with the creation of cross-genre projects that straddle both the popular and art-music worlds, as well as interdisciplinary collaborations with visual, performing, and installation artists.


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