Kristine Tjøgersen: clarinets


Yumi Murakami: flutes


Karin Hellqvist: violin


Inga Byrkjeland:- cello


Are Lothe Kolbeinsen: guitar


Stian Omenås: trumpet, percussion


Ulrik Ibsen Thorsrud: percussion/drums



We have previously worked with clarinetist and composer, Kristine Tjøgersen of Ensemble neoN, and after a very successful musical meeting, we agreed to follow up on it with a larger project including four members of the ensemble.


We are very happy to be working with such an exciting ensemble and fantastic musicians, and are looking very much forward to get started on the project in mid 2017!


It will be very interesting work to blend the sonic palette and sonorous possibilities of the added flute, clarinet, violin and cello with Parallax's already well established universe; and we will spend a lot of time on the process of developing the material through compositional sketches, interplay and improvisation, and research our way to finding a sound which again takes our music on a new and unknown journey.


In 2018 - celebrating Parallax' 10th anniversary - we will release an album and go on tour. We are so very excited about this collaboration! Good times :-)


Ensemble neoN is a young, leading and fresh Norwegian ensemble for contemporary music, and has already won one Spelemannspris (Norwegian Grammy) for their album "neoN".







Ensemble neoN

About Ensemble neoN:


Based is Olso, Norway, Ensemble neoN was formed by Jan Martin Smørdal and Julian Skar in 2008. Comprising nine musicians, two composers, and a conductor, neoN aims to present music at the highest level possible, focusing on Norwegian and international works,


and has been involved with the creation of cross-genre projects that straddle both the popular and art-music worlds, as well as interdisciplinary collaborations with visual, performing, and installation artists.



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